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IKS AUTOMATION is a development subsidiary of iKatron Solutions Pty. Ltd company based in Melbourne, Australia. Our automation division focuses on providing architecture, design, integration and deployment of highly advanced Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions for monitoring, control and automation of all types of environments (physical infrastructure) - residential, commercial, industrial and scientific as well as profound research and development in this area.

There are a number of aspects of modern domestic and commercial monitoring, control and automation IoT based technologies which on the one hand inhibit users from realizing their full potential, and on the other, impede installers from accelerating their penetration into this market.

The development methodology of proprietary automation systems dictates that they will have a large number of features, and the number of features chiefly determine the price. Installation companies dealing with these systems  will then tell you that their products “give you hundreds of features”, but if you only need five of them, nothing much can be done should you be forced to use that system. Worse, if there's one missing feature you really can't do without or realize that you really need down the track, the value of that system is diluted by the fact that it can't completely address your needs. In this case custom system integration and cross platform solutions are required and we are here to address these challenges.

When we established our venture we didn't want to be yet another company chipping stone into a round shape without first looking around and discovering that the wheel had already been invented! After all, a belief of "if you want it done right, do it yourself" can lead to wasted time, expense and opportunity. However, we found that although some existing integration products were certainly better than others, the deficiencies and limitations were significant enough to justify building our own from scratch. In so doing, we have leveraged our many years of design experience ranging from military related automation software to Corporate Service Oriented data control systems.

We see the five following principles as key requirements for cross-technology, integration platform of modern automation systems:

To date these requirements have not been easily met, which in turn has led to multiple integration challenges, such as installer skill shortages, increased costs, and inability to expand or retrofit systems.

Our flagship product iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ is essentially an IoT server that effectively addresses all of the aforementioned needs. What distinguishes the iMCA System is firstly that it does not focus on any particular automation protocol or deployment methodology, but rather supports an ever-increasing list of domestic and industrial controllers as well as CCTV DVRs, NVRs and cameras as they come onto the market. Secondly, the architecture of this system allows for a virtually unlimited number of automation or sensing devices and controllers from different vendors to be natively integrated with each other, rapidly deployed and seamlessly operate within residential and commercial environments, and across indoor and outdoor applications.

Our services include:

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